The future of iPhones

12 Aug 2010 by LOL Young Hollywood, 21 Comments »



  1. A cool person says:

    iMat? thats epic ;)

  2. SChambers7JonasEmo15 says:

    I think they shud do iWallpaper nxt haha……

  3. kljnlkj says:

    hah i blanket next :P

  4. rara says:

    hahah thats funny

  5. erick says:

    imat lmfaoo how bout icard

  6. Katie says:

    LOL! wonder if we will me that advanced in technology for iMat?

  7. some of ur pics say diffrentpeoples websites hahaha fags.

  8. noah linsey cyrus says:

    i am going to get them all lol

  9. OnlyLoveMyself says:

    i want an i-cinema!!!!! best idea ;)

  10. Jackie says:

    I want the iMat for my rug. :)

  11. hamo111 says:

    YEAH! The iMat would be a perfect carpet :P

  12. lia says:


  13. Qin Yi says:


  14. ijustlold says:

    it will probably be iFloor or iWall or iHome next :P

  15. idsh_anne says:

    soon it’ll be iSeeareallybigbillboard! =DD

  16. Nadz says:

    One of the people who commented on this called themselves Noah Lindsey Cyrus, which is Miley’s smaller sister’s name. What the heck?!?

  17. jessca says:

    funny lol :)

  18. Gleek says:

    I’d love the iMat but how would I carry it in my room

  19. LeLilMonster says:


  20. HB says:

    How are we gonna use that imat?!? By rolling on over it?!?


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